AL SHAMSI GROUP is one of the leading fiber , plastic and building materials manufactures in United Arab Emirates. Incorporated under UAE law and regulated by Ajman Government legislation, the company has more full time staff members and labors chosen for their intimate knowledge of different prospects of the UAE construction market, giving you unbeatable local and international product expertise.

The company has a powerful portfolio position in Ajman’s choicest residential developments, an excellent reputation in the local whole sale environment, as well as International span, and enviable relationships with UAE’s best project developers.
This gives AL SHAMSI GROUP customers access to the ultimate in quality products in the UAE and beyond.

Investors have come to expect a personalized, professional, one-stop service, while those moving to U.A.E for the first time are able to take advantage of three decade of expertise and unique orientation guidance when they arrive to us.

AL SHAMSI GROUP also supports investors and home-owners through the systems study of their projects with our designing Engineers to achieve maximum needed to take a stake in the most attractive, secure, budgeted for Fiber and plastic products implementations.